Locum Recruiters is the clear choice for the most rewarding locums and permanent jobs available, both close to home and across the country. We focus on staffing the specialties of Radiology, Family Practice, Internal Medicine, Gastroenterology, Urology, Hospitalist, Pediatric Hospitalist, NP/PA, Anesthesiology, CRNA and Dentistry. We specialize in providing YOU with a rewarding experience with our firm.  Our customer service is top and you will appreciate the one on one guidance and support.

More Locum Opportunities. Better Pay. Total Support.

Our opportunities offer you the best of everything, from competitive bi-weekly pay and flexible assignments to free malpractice coverage.  Here are more fantastic reasons to join the Locum Recruiters team:


  • Service.Available 24/7, we will handle everything, from door-to-door travel arrangements to assisting in licensing and credentialing.
  • Licensing.Free of charge as long as you work for Locum Recruiters in the licensed state.
  • Malpractice Insurance.You will be covered on Locum Recruiters claim’s made policy.
  • Housing.Locum Recruiters covers all your lodging expenses for the duration of your travel assignment.
  • Rental Car or Mileage Reimbursement.Locum Recruiters will cover your rental car or reimburse mileage if utilizing your own car for duration of assignment.
  • Flights. Locum Recruiters will cover your flights to/from your assignment.
  • Referral Program. We offer a $1,000 referral bonus for anyone you refer that works for Locum Recruiters.
  • Flexibility.You choose where, when and for how long you want to work.

Our providers who work with us are independent contractors (1099), not employees of Locum Recruiters, and are therefore not eligible for health insurance and other employee benefits. If you need health insurance, there are a number of organizations that offer buying discounts for the self-employed.

More Perm Opportunities. Better Pay. Total Support.

Our opportunities offer you the best of everything, from easy no hassle searching to full negotiations on your behalf.  Here are some more fantastic reasons to make a move using the Locum Recruiters team:

Perm Placement

  • Service.Available 24/7, we will handle everything from start to finish.
  • Opportunities.We have hundreds of opportunities across the country to choose from, with no detail overlooked.
  • Research.We do research on our locations to learn everything from cost of living and housing costs, to identifying the best school systems in the area.
  • Extensive Knowledge.  Using our industry experience and knowledge of the market place, we will guide you into the best situation for your needs.
  • Negotiation. We do all your negotiation including salary, benefits, relocation, and sign-on, saving you the time and hassle.
  • Contracts. We secure every last detail, using our contracts, to ensure you get what you expect.
  • Licensing. Should you choose an opportunity out-of-state, our licensing department will help facilitate your license, making it as easy as possible on you.
  • Trust. You can trust that we will be behind you watching out for your best interests at all times.