As you consider the career possibilities offered to you as a member of the Locum Recruiters healthcare family, we’re sure you have a number of questions for us. Whether you want to know more about our policies, benefits or just the type of assignments we offer, we’re always happy to help provide you with answers.

We’ve done our best to answer your most frequently asked questions below. If you don’t see your question here please call us at 1-800-763-1945 and a team member of Locum Recruiters will be ready to assist you.

Q. If I work for Locum Recruiters, where will I be working?

A. With Locum Recruiters, you have the option of working at all types of facilities. Whether you feel most comfortable at a large community hospital, a teaching facility, small rural hospital or LTAC facility, we’ve got a home for you.

Q. Why should I work with Locum Recruiters rather than directly for a hospital or clinic?

A. When you work with Locum Recruiters, you never have to worry about anyone setting your schedule ever again. It’s all up to you. With Locum Recruiters, you will enjoy some of the highest pay rates in the industry, free malpractice insurance, and the freedom to choose when and where you want to work. If you like the idea of having exceptional career flexibility and earning potential, Locum Recruiters is the perfect fit.

Q. If I work for Locum Recruiters, can I still keep my full time job?

A. Sure! We are here to accommodate your schedule and availability.

Q. How long do your assignments typically last?

A. Our assignments can last anywhere from one week to 3 months to ongoing, depending on the position and facility, as well as your schedule.

Q. Will someone from Locum Recruiters be available around the clock?

A. We always have a recruiter on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Q. When and how will I get paid?

A. It is your choice. Your check can be mailed out, but we recommend our free direct deposit option. You will be paid bi-weekly or every other Friday.

Q. Does Locum Recruiters offer any benefits?

A. Providers who work with us are independent contractors (1099), not employees of Odyssey, and are therefore not eligible for health insurance and other employee benefits. If you need health insurance, there are a number of organizations that offer programs for the self-employed.

Q. If I decide to work with Locum Recruiters, how do I get to my assignment?

A. Our in-house logistics coordinator will handle all your arrangements. You will have the choice of driving to the assignment and receiving a mileage reimbursement or being provided airfare, hotel and a rental car. There will be no out-of-pocket expense.

Q. As a Locum Recruiters locum, what kind of lodging can I expect?

A. Depending on the length of the assignment, we typically provide a hotel type setting. In some cases we can provide apartment type housing or extended stay hotel options. We will do whatever it takes to make you comfortable and happy while on assignment.

Q. How and when am I reimbursed for my travel expenses?

A. Your expenses will be paid out bi-weekly and included with your regular pay. If you’re receiving mileage reimbursement, you’ll receive compensation for the one-way trip to your assignment with your first expense check.

Q. Am I obligated to work for Locum Recruiters once I register?

A. No. Registering with Locum Recruiters does not obligate you to accept any of our assignments offered.

Q. Can you keep me busy?

A. We represent opportunities across the nation and our pool of available jobs is quite large. Upon completion of your assignment, we will exercise all reasonable efforts to find you a new position.

Q. Am I allowed to accept a permanent job with one of your clients after I work for them through Locum Recruiters?

A. Sure…In the event you are offered permanent employment please contact your recruiter to discuss your options. We have agreements in place with our clients, and one of the advantages of working through us is that we can help you during the negotiation process to secure a perfect fit.

Q. Why should I go with Locum Recruiters as opposed to any other locums firm?

A. We at Locum Recruiters strive to offer you the best our industry has to offer! We can assure you that your best interest will be in mind at all times. The experience, top customer service and knowledge of the Locum Recruiters sales team will provide for you the best experience.